Shooting photo’s is something I practice for quite some years now. When looking back I got hit by the virus way before the digital era. In 1988 I bought my own first Canon camera and since I have shot hundreds of films and ship loads of memory cards. I like presenting best of those in web albums. I present some of them below and hope to list more of those shortly.

Ireland – West Coat
It took a few years to finally spend our summer break in Ireland,and what craic we had :-). We took the airplane/rental car/B&B approach. Started in Cobh to bring Sisterbelle a visit and left the country 3 (!) weeks later via Dublin. Just click and enjoy!.

Indonesia – The lesser Sunda Islands
A few years after my first encounter with Asia, my second Asia trip. Together with Peter I went to the Lesser Sunda Islands. 3 wonderful weeks at the end of September and the beginning of October in 2013. Hardly any tourist, beautiful and mixed envirnonment, a nice mix of activities and of course the most wonderful weather you can think of. Of course we took millions of pictures back with us. They are presented in an album of course. See here the result in our Holiday2013 Indonesia album.

One of the most beautiful holiday every; my singles trip to Thailand in February 2006. My first experience with Asia. My first experience to go on holiday this far and this long on my own. AND I had that much fun. The webalbum shows the city, the temples, the nature and of course tells about what we did. Thailand pictures

Just Around The Corner
I every now and then go on a photography trip around the house and come back with loads of photo’s. It’s easier to show them in web album then to print and glue them on paper 🙂 . Enjoy my surrounding area during a freezing cold day. Click here for picture from a freezing day out.

Spring is in the air
Same idea as Just around the corner. A nice day trip with car and camera, but now in spring; loads of birds and countryside pictures. Click here for the collection.

Painting holidays
I had the opportunity twice to go to Greece on a painting holiday. Led on an inspiring way by Frieda, accompanied by nice Belgiums, a nice Cretian environment and nice weather….what more do you want?

September 2003.
Mei 2004.