What is keeping me busy?


Since 1992 I frequently use paper, pigments and pencils to express myself. I have quite a pile of paper already and eventhough a lot of people believe lots of my paintings have value either in money or to fill an exibition, I keep them piled under my bed. The only way you can see them is by viewing the calatogue in this webalbum.


Who could have ever thought that the simple question asked, to join Jeannette to a Mandala drawing class, could have had this effect? Absolutely addicted to Mandala drawing. Gives relaxation, can be done without any hassle and I am convinced anyone can do this. Awaiting better pictures and postings in my own album, you can find a quick and dirty MANDALA album.


Shooting photo's is something I practice for quite some years now. When looking back I got hit by the virus way before the digital era. In 1988 I bought my own first Canon camera and since I have shot hundreds of films and ship loads of memory cards. I like presenting best of those in web albums, which can be found on the dedicated Pictures Page.

I am not so bloggy, so do not expect any somewhere soon :-)